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Casual Inference

Dec 5, 2019

Ellie Murray and Lucy D'Agostino McGowan chat with Sherri Rose from the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School.

Here are some links to the content we talk about in this episode:

📄 Paper by Anna Zink and Sherri Rose: Fair Regression for Health Care Spending
📄 The Blessing of Multiple Causes
📄  Dissecting racial bias in an algorithm used to manage the health of populations
📚 Sherri's books on targeted learning
🔗 Sherri's website:
🔗 Data for Black lives:
👏 What we're is enjoying this week: baby Yoda
📰 Our local news: American Journal of Epidemiology article: a machine learning primer for epidemiologists

PeDAGogy segment:

In this weeks segment, Ellie describes a collider!

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